IT Solutions

Technology solutions of the highest quality, no risk for your company

Count on an ally to advise you and cover your IT needs, without having to hire a new employee.

IT Solutions

Our flexible and customized solutions allow you to select and combine only the services that fit your team’s needs, whether in a single office or across multiple locations.

Control your IT costs by increasing efficiency with improved, proactive network information and the ability to be alerted of potential failures before they occur, and by automating routine daily activities.


Automatic cloud backups. Protected business information. Data protection.

Your data does not depend on disks that can go bad or require an expensive server that takes up physical space, and conditioning.


The most current antivirus, anti-phishing, antipyware, web security. No need to buy expensive licenses.

Secure communications network. Fully monitored systems, anti-virus, anti-malware and hosted intrusion protection all managed and monitored. Risk management and security.


Constant updates and backups without downtime for the equipment.
Avoids possible human error. It is perfected with Artificial Intelligence.

Updating applications, deleting temporary files, security controls, tuning servers and workstations, without the risk of forgetfulness or human error.


A single strategic technology partner at the lowest cost. Always updated and available to recommend the best solutions to spontaneous requirements.

External IT assistance and the possibility of requesting advice on specific issues.

Does your business involve sensitive commercial or personal information of your customers?

Protect yourself from huge losses.

Would you like to solve your business technology needs without hiring a new employee to do so?

Access the best quality solutions and avoid the compromises of contracting.

What you solve
with IT Solutions

What types of companies benefit from IT Solutions

Why choose IT Solutions from VGV Corporate and not another technology provider?

We value our clients’ trust, and we consider them absolutely worthy of our loyalty and integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the services of
IT Solutions

No, everything is automated and in the cloud with state-of-the-art software.

Since the software is in the cloud and is rented on a monthly basis, the cost is very low.

Being state-of-the-art software, in the cloud and from leading companies in the market, the security and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed.


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IT Solutions

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