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VGV Corporate is a boutique firm that provides services to individuals, families and companies around the world attending to their growth comprehensively and strategically.

Our approach

Solutions for every need

We offer specialized services solutions to professionals, individuals, families and companies.


All the corporate services you need in one international and agile law firm.


Find support to complement the professional services you provide to your end clients.

Individuals and Families

Your property and your families’, cared for and maximized

VGV Corporate

What defines us

We are committed to honoring our clients’ trust. To doing everything in our power to offer optimal solutions based on our comprehensive approach.

We build up relationships over time understanding your unique needs, while caring for and maximizing the clients’ estate and its structure.


Comprehensive, strategic approach

Your business, your projects, your life and that of your family have such a magnitude that merit a perspective that understands and supports them in all their richness.


Personalization and exclusiveness

We know that, in order to develop a service of excellence, it is necessary to know in depth the needs of the client, even more than they do.



To us, long-term relationships are of the utmost importance. In such a competitive world, maintaining them over time demands a great commitment and constant care.

We have the experience. We have the equipment.

Service Areas

The peace of mind of having the right response to all your needs

Trust & Corporate

We specialize in trust and corporate structuring services in the main incorporation locations in the world, providing first class security and insurance for your assets.

Family Legacy

We work on the continuity of your family business transforming it into an enduring legacy passed over generation after generation.

Global Immigration

We attend to all aspects of human mobility with efficient migration solutions suited to personal, corporate and family realities.

US Immigration

We provide all immigration services in the USA. Our portfolio includes work visas, investor visas, family visas and special processes.

US Tax & Accounting

With a specialized team and qualified CPAs, we are the best option for comprehensive accounting and tax management in a highly regulated jurisdiction.

IT Solutions

Simplified, flexible and customizable technological solutions designed to fulfill current corporate needs.

Intellectual Property Strategies

Our Intellectual Property Unit is focused on developing intangible asset protection strategies both for individuals and corporations.

Risk Advisory

At times when the only constant is change itself, we can give you peace of mind by focusing on maximizing and caring for your property. 

Wealth Management

This cross-sectoral concept aims at maximizing the clients’ business opportunities by integrating a variety of services under one comprehensive estate strategy.

Real Estate


Our goal is to find the best opportunities for our clients in the premium real-estate market, prioritizing security and profitability, as well as to provide comprehensive management for their property.



Our experts in cross-border transactions and business soft landing advise and assistinvestors in the development of their cross-border businesses.

Private Wealth


We have access to the most important financial platforms and work with the most prestigious investment banks in the world.

VGV Corporate Team

The most renowned experts at your disposal

Our team consists of a group of advisors with a holistic approach and vast experience in various service areas who are strategically based on different counties.

Meet the heads of our team of excellence

Only someone who knows you and cares for you can offer solutions before you even ask.

Our offices

Key locations that allow us to work strategically

Currently, VGV Corporate is headquartered in Miami, and has offices in different cities around the world.

Contact the office that suits you best.

Bogotá / Buenos Aires / Ciudad de México/ Lima / London / Miami / Panamá / San José / Santa Cruz / Santiago / São Paulo / Switzerland / Toronto / Valencia

Our strongest asset

At VGV Corporate, we have 30 years of expertise building bonds with our clients, and a deep strategic understanding of their businesses in all the cities where we operate.

VGV Corporateis a leading boutique law firm in the fields of tax planning, wealth preservation and trust services in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

The law varies greatly from one territory to another and is subject to frequent changes, and this poses a challenge when devising tax and corporate planning to maintain family wealth.

Our goal isto provide the best solutionsto ensure your property passes from one generation to the next in the most secure and efficient way possible.

VGV Corporate is specially—but not exclusively—suited for families and individuals in Latin America with large income or substantial estate.


Our clients

We accompany your growth with small daily strategic decisions.

Discover what we can do for you

Do not hesitate to send us your inquiry, we can coordinate to solve your doubts and discover opportunities as a team.

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